Are IMAX screensa lie?


Before making our point let us tell you some important facts that have been illustrated on many sites like about the truth behind the IMAX screen. Once you guys have understood the reality behind the technological shit that is included with IMAX projection you might think twice before buying the ticket for an IMAX screen. We won’t be saying that IMAX screens are not real, but they are unable to get you what the money you have paid deserves.

Some important facts about IMAX using Hirek

Here are some core factors about IMAX:

  1. First thing is the real number of the IMAX domestic screen are 1/46th of the overall display, yet according to sites like tv and their research, the IMAX company is generating a virtual profit of 10% from the domestic area.
  2. The actual resolution that is made available to you in the screen is 1/9th or 22% of the real IMAX resolution, and yet they cost you as if it is 100%.


  1. Finally, the real thing that has happened is the relocation of the screen to make it look big after removing the first four rows of the cinema hall.

Now that you have read the facts that have been researched by the sites like hirek, we think it is best for you to research more before buying an IMAX show. Not all, but many of them are only tricking you providing you fake and relocated cinema.


In the end, all we want to inculcate is that your money and your time are precious, so you must search about the real IMAX cinema before paying for the tickets. You may enjoy or you may not. You may get the extraordinary experience, or you may get the regular theater experience. Maybe the screen that you are looking at the IMAX, but there is a possibility that it is not.