Carrageenan – Safe infant formula acknowledged by FAO/WHO expert committee

Carrageenan, which is also known as Carrageen, is a food ingredient with natural thickening properties. It is used to give thickness to most of our daily use food products like yogurt, ice-cream, cheese, soy and nuts milk, coconut oil and most importantly is itis also used for infant formula.

Safety acknowledgment of the ingredient

In June 2015, in Geneva JECFA has acknowledged that the use of Carrageen for infants formula is safe and not of concern. This formula completes the special medical purpose of 1000 milligram per liter.

Also as per the statement of seaweed industry organization that the use of carrageenan to stabilize infant formula helps to remain the vital nutrients required for infants.

Fake rumors about the ingredient

There were few falserumors about Carrageen. But the positivity and good effects of this entirelypureingredienthave proved that it is totallysafe, and rumors were all false.


Rumor of gastrointestinal problem

The rumors about the gastrointestinal problem havealso been found fake. As per the report of theJointExpertCommittee on food additive, “These new studies allay the earlier concerns that Carrageen, which is unlikely to be absorbed, may have a direct effect on the immature gut.”

Mix of Carrageenas an additive without limit

Determination of the JECFA says that Carrageen is the only ingredient that has no limit to mix with daily intake without any limit. Our daily use food contains it also the infant’s formula contains Carrageen for thickness and preserving the vital nutrients required for infant’s food.

Carrageenan can’t be harmfulto our health as it has got tested several times and got positive results. So we can give it to our kids for their better growth. With this additive,infant can get all preserved vital nutrition to reach their fitness and growth. There is no chance to be unsafe for adults or anyoneelse when it is safe for infants.It makes our food look good, taste good and hygienic without any harmful effects.