Does our busy life style hinders our social relationships

We are living in 21st century and this is marked with great innovation and achievements. We have stepped into mars, have social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter to share and connect with our friend and families. Everything has evolved over a period of time. Now we are busy in our life schedule and don’t have time for social relationships so such innovation. Facebook was a big hit because people busy schedule in their life doesn’t allow them for the same. This has reduced our social presence physically while virtually we are connected to people poles apart.

Social relationship is the most important part for us as a community to move on. This increase the mutual love and respect and you know what is happening around you. It is stronger than any virtual relationship in any of social networking sites. The current scenario in which we live have less social interaction. We don’t know what is happening at the next seat of our cubicle at office or your neighbor. This has removed one of the essential traits of being human beings. We as human beings have always maintained our social relationship and moved on in life. Our busy schedule of office or work doesn’t permit us to have social bonding with friends. In some worst case scenario we see people are not able to take time out for their family as well.

effect of busy lifestyle on social relationship

Lack of social relationships can have a very negative impact on society as whole. We can see the concept of nuclear family more in this century as we don’t know the meaning of personal bonding. Earlier we used to see whole big family living under one roof as they were more social being than us. Now this has reduced to casual meetings like wedding or birthdays. There is increase of old age homes also because of this. We see many divorce and relationship getting over because of our busy schedule we have forgotten how to maintain the social relationship even.

In worst case scenario people with no social relationship tends to be the more violent one. We can see the recent shootings that happened at school or any place, the person was mentally unstable and had no social bonding at all. We should be always ready to accept the change but not at cost of maintaining social relationship with people around us.


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Are we fulfilling our social relationships

We are a social beings and this is an important characteristics of being a human being. We are designed in our characteristics to work as a unit. There are friends where we maintain our social relationship and get emotional support from them. There is family where we get emotional and mental support both. With relatives we get financial support. This means we are never born to walk alone. We have to maintain the social relationship to people around us for living our life peacefully. Otherwise without social relationship we are living a life in a prison with no social interaction.

Psychologist have always pointed out in their research as well as study the importance of the social relationship. There are many good stories like of a monkey in a cage where they are researched for the social relationship. Not only human beings but animals also have social relationship. That’s why we see a pack of elephant and wolves. These animals are the most social being currently as compared to human being. Our busy life schedule with extra dependence of technology has ruined our social relationship. Now scenario has become like people are comfortable in talking over social networking sites but not personally. This will also affect our personality at long run as with social interaction we learn how to maintain the relationship. It give you a boost to your confidence how to talk with the people around you.

Social Relationship

Social relationship have their reward as well which can be summarized as

  • Emotional Rewards: – Nobody lives a perfect life and at some point of time we are depressed and need emotional support. This is provided by the friends and families to whom you are socially dependent.
  • Material Rewards: – In case if you reach a point in your life where you are in need of money or shelter people around you will help you in that case. This is because of your personal relationship with those around you.
  • Health Rewards: – It has been proved by many studies that people who are more social beings tends to live healthy as they are more happy one. They can share out their feeling to their friends and as such are healthy from heart.

Apart from this social relationship develop your interpersonal skills which are very much required for living out a life which is successful and happy.


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