Check Online Offers on Bitcoin trading by Forex Traders for Investors

With bitcoins being the new way of paying and receiving money, companies like IC Markets now offers bitcoin trading. The popularity of bitcoins is on a rise due to the following reasons:

  • No Third Party Involvement

The involvement of only the parties directly a part of the transaction. The entire process of payment and receipt is limited to the payee and the payer. Thus it has no other third party involved.

  • No Transaction Fee Charged

Due to the involvement of only the parties directly involved in the business no payment is charged. Only a certain percentage of the quantity of bitcoins involved is charged as a fee if one personwants to speed up the entire operation.

bitcoin trading

  • No Personal Details

In spite of having a public ledger, no personal details of the individuals are revealed.The only identification on the public ledger of the parties in the transaction aretheir bitcoin addresses.

Due to the aforementioned reasons, IC Markets now offers bitcoin trading.

What is bitcoin mining?

As was already mentioned, bitcoins was developed by a group of programmers who never identified themselves. And the entire operation is controlled with the support of a mathematical algorithm. The algorithm also controls the bitcoins in operation. This is done with the aid of mining.

Mining is the process in which the bitcoin users solve complex puzzles and riddles. If they are able to solve it correctly then bitcoins are released in blocks. The initial block consisted of around 50 bitcoins. But with every passing year the puzzles are becoming more complex and the volume of bitcoins being released are being reduced.

For this reason firms like IC Markets now offers bitcoin trading as people are in a hurry to trade more bitcoins as the total number of bitcoins are limited. Bitcoin mining is the only way to increase the total volume of bitcoins in the market.