Ford Ranger Pickup- Paving the Way for New Ford Bronco

Lovers of Bronco are very curious to know any updates about the release date, design, etc. of the new Ford Bronco. People are speculating many facts base on this matter. Some are stating that the arrival of the all new Bronco is approved. But this belief is not entirely true as Ford has not yet made any announcement regarding such approval.

The statement provided by Ford about new Ford Bronco:

In the 2017 North American International Auto Show Ford made few announcements. The official announcement was that in the year 2019, there is a chance of the comeback of Ford Ranger pickup. The announcementstated that Bronco is going to follow Ford Ranger pickup and possibly roll on the streets the next year. Ford shared only this much update. While the announcement was proceeding, There was no display of Bronco and Ranger on the stage. Joe Hinrichs being the executive vice-president was the spokesman. The logo of Bronco was the only thing that displayed while Mr. Hinrichs was sharing the latest news on Bronco.

More interesting facts shared by Joe Hinrichs:

Joe Hinrichs proved to be a bit kind enough to the admirers of Bronco. He shared few more interesting details which might help those people who are anxiously waiting for Bronco updates.

  • According to the statements uttered by Mr. Hinrichs, the latest Bronco’s frame will be in accordance with the frame of 2019’s Ranger. He even stated that it is not officially possible to provide details about the Bronco’s body style.
  • Confusions regarding the number of doors of the latest upcoming Bronco were also not cleared by him. Hence, speculations like Bronco will return with two doors, or an addition of two more is not yet clear.
  • The latest Ranger will be 211.1 inches long. The meaning of this is that it is going to be longer than the present Jeep Wrangler Unlimited of four doors. Jeep Wrangler is better known to be the ultimate competitor of Bronco.

So, from these facts, one thing is very clear that if the new Ford Bronco follows the footsteps of Ranger, then it will positively strike off its main competitor with a single blow.