Metal Detectors for Children Can be Exciting

When someone is having a walk with children, metal detectors for children can be very exciting way to punch in intrigue and excitement for them. This type of detectors should be primarily lightweight and comfortable to carry with added accessories so that they are not tired and exhausted. We take a look at some of the children’s variants here for a clear understanding.

detectors for children

  • Bounty Hunter GOLD-PLGold Digger Metal Detector – Metal detectors for children like the Bounty Hunter can be very entertaining because it is lightweight and has a speaker within the interface for hearing. The extendable handle and the knob like interface control is very useful for children of different heights. The device can target till 2 feet below the ground based upon the metal in an area. It works on 2 nos. of AA batteries that can be replenished easily.
  • Bounty Hunter TK4-PL tracker IV metal detector – This detector for children doesn’t come with headphones but that is not at all a disadvantage as everyone has a pair. The good part is its ergonomic handle for ample support and the firm grip for holding. There is a speaker that is in built using which children can hear on the headphone or listen on the knob like panel. It has 3 operational modes and can detect from 8 inches till 2 feet depth due to the waterproof coil inside it.
  • INTEY Metal Detector –This lightweight metal detector has four modes of operation and an LCD screen that is quite bright so that it can be a child’s perfect companion. There is also a carrying case and a shovel which can lend extra pleasure for digging. The coil within the device is waterproof for shallow streams and pool detection and it can detect till 8 inches underground. Also, it comes with a warranty of 2 years that is very desirable.

Depending on the requirement, a person can buy any detector that suits a child and this can be a very enjoyable experience.