More about Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo

Are you stressed with contaminated hair; consider using Zydot Ultra clean shampoo with conditioner. It not only clean and condition your hair but also penetrate deep into your hair shafts by dissolving and remove all trace of any drug use. The shampoo helps in removing all kind of barriers to your hair like hairspray, gels etc that exposes hair shafts. Its purifying ingredients will work in removing all toxins from your hair. Conditioner act as sheen and body to the hair. Ultra clean is said to the only shampoo or cleanser that performs well and if not money back guarantee is there. Aloe Vera is the major ingredient used in Ultra Clean that helps in getting into the hair follicles quickly and clean they effectively, do condition too.

Using Zydot Ultra Clean




Shake the shampoo bottle well to mix up the content properly. You need to use half of shampoo first, massage it nicely into your scalp and then to the hair stands. Your hair need treatment at all parts but particularly the hairs that comes behind your neck. Leave it for 5 minutes to set into your hair and rinse it off. Repeat these steps for 2 to 3 times with last half portion of this shampoo. You should not use any other hair product additionally while using Ultra clean shampoo.

For thick and long hair

Ultra clean shampoo review; those who have long, thick, curly and coarse hair means 6 inch or more long will need to use more shampoo than said in the instructions. The process only work if there is total saturation of hair by giving special attention to your hair close to the scalp. The toxins got contaminated in your dark or thick or coarse hair is harder to get cleansed. The hairs about you really need to concern is ½ inch close to scalp.