Negative long-term effects of underage drinking highlighted by stopalcoholaddiction site

Do you know that nearly 35% of individuals are staunch alcoholics since from their teenage years? Not limited to only these stats, nearly 1.3 million underage drinkers in the age group of 12 to 20 years are into heavy alcohol consumption. Summer vacation, prom or parties, teenagers consider alcohol intake to be a type of style quotient.  In fact, if you go through any  stopalcoholaddiction site, you will find that most underage drinkers think drinking highlights their maturity level.

However, this habit of theirs can have long term underage drinking implications.

3 underage drinking repercussions due to alcohol consumption

  1. Addiction

The foremost risk, in this case, is giving a chance to these underage drinkers to convert moderate drinking habits into serious, addictive habits.  Addiction in their later lives can make them aggressive or even homicidal if someone tries to stop them from drinking or sending them to rehabilation centres for treatment.

  1. Accident and causality

Rash driving after drinking is a punishable offence. However, most of the kids face more serious consequences – accidents. Not only does this injure an adolescent, but also in most cases, a majority of them survives with physical impairment or amputated limbs. In additions, deaths are also a common scenario of drunk driving.

  1. Health issues

Major health issues can be seen when a person starts drinking from a very young age. This influences in an extremely negative way. The problems revolve around nutritional deficiencies, anaemia, shrunken brain, high blood pressure, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and even pancreatitis.

You can’t even think about the other major dangerous consequences regarding underage drinking. With a habit so foul, adolescents in their tender years may not understand the negative results of alcohol abuse. It is better that they are provided with correct counselling and made aware of the negative impacts via stopalcoholaddiction site.